Cartridge Unit Bearings

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Our cartridges are available in metallic or rubber. The bearing inserts have grade 10 balls and super-finished ball paths to support proper lube film and reduce noise.Metallic Design Attributes:Mounts in straight bore housings.Comes complete with wide inner-ring bearing insert and three-piece “R” seal.

Conductive Rubber Design Attributes:Offers straight, beveled or special profiled outer diameter.Comes complete with extended inner ring bearing insert.Very quiet and dampens vibration.

Applications:Heating and air-conditioning,Ventilating equipment,Conveyor systems,General industrial equipment.. The use of cylindrical cartridge units also allows for the expansion and contraction of the shaft caused by differences in temperature. Metallic cartridges have grade 10 balls, finished ball paths, and a three-piece “R” seal in wide inner-ring bearing inserts. 


Bearing Number Bore Dia Outer DIa Width Size
COOPER BEARING 01BC160MEXAT Cartridge Unit Bearings Eccentric Collar Contact Seal 41.9 mm 205
COOPER BEARING 01BC220MGRAT Cartridge Unit Bearings RoHS Periodic Lubrication 60 mm OILES 500SP1 SL1 Hig
COOPER BEARING 01BC180MGRAT Cartridge Unit Bearings Standard Duty PBT Thermoplastic UC206MZ2 Contact with Flinger
COOPER BEARING 01BC160MGRAT Cartridge Unit Bearings 35 lbs Lubrication Fitting 8.6300 in Four-Bolt Square
COOPER BEARING 01BC607EXAT Cartridge Unit Bearings 150 mm 0.5 mm Externally Sealing Click here
COOPER BEARING 01BC715EXAT Cartridge Unit Bearings Labyrinth 6 in Non-Metallic -
COOPER BEARING 01BC900EXAT Cartridge Unit Bearings [Steel] Steel 6201 ZZ (Double Shield) T, h Configurable
COOPER BEARING 01BC700GRAT Cartridge Unit Bearings 1.4375 in 200 Standard Duty Three-Bolt Bracket S
COOPER BEARING 01BC700EXAT Cartridge Unit Bearings 605 Double DD (Contact Rubber S 7 Days
COOPER BEARING 01BC615GRAT Cartridge Unit Bearings 2000 -40 to +248 &de RoHS CBB
COOPER BEARING 01BC280MEXAT Cartridge Unit Bearings 15 N/mm2;S Dry 0.40;Period Plain Sleeve Lead Free
COOPER BEARING 01BC260MEXAT Cartridge Unit Bearings Zinc-Plated Steel 160 mm 112 mm -30 to +130 &de